Articles That Will Unstick You

The following articles were written by a number of my trusted associates. They are articles that explore other dimensions, approaches and ideas for getting unstuck. I hope you find them useful.

Mark Silver and Yollanda Shore (From Heart of Business)

"Making the Question Real" and "The Gift of Despair"

Molly Gordon

"What if you aren't stuck?" and "Is your business caught in the feel good trap. How to get unstuck."

NIck Pfennigwerth

"This Is How You Get the Flow Back"

Rhonda Britten

"The Voice of Fear, vs. The Voice of Wisdom" - article and video. 

Joan Sotkin

"Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward"

George Huang

"Need to Get Unstuck? Get Back to Your Compelling Why"

Audrey Seymour

"Why Pushing for Change Doesn't Work" and "How to Get Inner Alignment to Support Change"

Michele PW

"3 Ways to Get Your Inner Critic off Your Biz's Board of Directors" and "The Top 7 Tools to Bust thru Your Mindset Blocks and Celebrate a Successful, Profitable Biz"

Leslie Nipps

"If you've Got the Wrong Problem, You'll Get the Wrong Answer"

Janice Masters

"Dance With Your Shadow"

Tad Hargrave

"Polarize: Marketing to Your Right Audience"

Many Authors' Articles

"How to Get Unstuck"