Private Unstuck Sessions

Private Unstuck Sessions are designed to help you identify and dissolve stuckness in your business, marketing and life.

These private sessions may be for you if you want to take your business, your work and your life to the next level. You are willing to be completely honest with yourself and explore how your limiting/fearful beliefs are holding you back.

In the course of these sessions you will explore a number of limiting, constrictive beliefs that are negatively impacting your success, effectiveness, relationships and well-being. And you be facilitated in this process until you are easily able to drop those beliefs.

The Unstuck Process is not a self-improvement process. We hold that you are already whole, complete and capable. However, this wholeness may be veiled or obscured by limiting beliefs and inaccurate perceptions of what is real.

When I work with clients on the Unstuck Process we do more than work on just avoidance. We engage in how you interact with life, the important decisions and choices you make, the relationships you struggle with and the transitions you are going through.  

What you can expect from Unstuck Sessions:

• You'll become very clear about your avoidances, your limiting beliefs and what is beyond both of these.

• You will see breakthrough results in every area of your life, your business, work, money, well-being and personal life.

• You will lighten up about things in your life, experience more joy, gratitude, confidence and fearlessness.

• You'll have a better sense of humor about life and no longer take yourself so seriously.

The format of Unstuck Process Sessions is:

• Sessions are about one-hour long.

• Sessions are recorded for your own use.

• You will come to each session with something you are stuck on or avoiding to work on.

• We will engage deeply in the The Unstuck Process in each session.

• In each session the goal is to get to a place Beyond Stuckness and be clear about your path moving forward.

• After each session you will be given a practice or exercise to work on between sessions.

• The minimum number of sessions you can schedule are three. You may continue with up to twelve sessions.

Pricing for Sessions:

3 sessions - $150 each, 6 sessions - $133 each, 9-12 sessions - $125 each

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