About Robert Middleton

Robert is a marketing coach and consultant, speaker, writer and designer. For 30 years as the owner of Action Plan Marketing, Robert has helped thousands of Independent Professionals learn the art of marketing without hype with his simple and effective systems for attracting more clients. 

Robert is the author of the online bestseller, the InfoGuru Marketing Manual, The WebSite ToolKit, and Marketing Ball. He runs the membership site, The More Clients Club, and sends out his eZine, More Clients, to over 35,000 subscribers each week. Robert holds an intensive 9-month marketing programs, The Marketing Action Group, and conducts two-day marketing workshops each year, in addition to working with private clients. 

His favorite work is helping clients get unstuck from limiting and fearful beliefs that hold their marketing back. He uses his Unstuck Process, based on the Work of Byron Katie, since 2003. 

Robert has studied, personal growth, transformation, spirituality and non-duality since he was 18 years. Old. From 1974 to 1978 he lived on a community studying the work of G.I. Grudjieff. From 1979 to the early nineties he participated in est and the Landmark Forum. 

Since 1995 Robert has studied many spiritual  teachers including Yogananda, Rupert Spira, Scott Kiloby, and Arjuna Ardagh. He integrates the ideas in these teachings to help his clients break through limitations and fears that hold them back from living a fuller life and having a more fulfilling and successful business.

Robert says, "The most practical thing in the world is learning how to get past limiting and fearful beliefs and mindsets. When you do, vast possibilities open up to you that were simply not available to you before. What you find buried beneath all this mental garbage is authentic expression, natural enthusiasm and endless creativity and energy."