Break Through Your Resistance to Marketing

Get Your Marketing Unstuck & into Action
Nov 10, 17, 24, Dec 1, 8, 15

If you've ever experienced resistance to marketing and selling in your business, you're not alone. 

But why is this? Why does marketing and selling seem to trigger all that resistance and avoidance?

It's because marketing inherently is all about trying to get noticed and get accepted.

And what if you don't get noticed and accepted? 

Well, it can be devastating. Why would we want to put a lot of time and effort into learning how to market and sell ourselves when we thought the end result would be getting ignored and rejected?

It doesn't add up, does it? 

And yet, if we want to grow our business, marketing and selling seem like "necessary evils." We may grin and bear it as we do networking, writing our website, making follow-up calls and giving presentations, but it can all seem... well, discouraging. After all, it's not going to work anyway, right? 

So many of the people I've worked over the years relied on what I call, "Prayer-Based Marketing." They do the very best work they can do and then pray their clients will send them referrals. But it doesn't work very well.  

And why is it that some people don't seem to have any resistance to marketing?

Who are these freaks? Why do they enjoy getting out there and talking to people? Why do they find it fun and stimulating to write marketing materials, assemble Power Points and give talks to groups? Don't they know this is dangerous work, fraught with peril? 

We must conclude that these people are more intelligent, attractive, and dynamic than we'll ever be. And, of course, they are inauthentic, smug and full of themselves. They can take rejection because they've hardened themselves against it. And that's just not you. You have integrity; you respect yourself; you could never do what they do. 

So marketing and selling avoidance has become a hobby. You intend to do some networking, but there never seems to be the time. You want to write, but you just can't come up with a good topic; perhaps tomorrow. And there are so many other more important things to do such as watching reruns of Friends and reorganizing your desk drawer. 

But sooner or later, something's gonna give.

Your bank balance is dwindling and your client roster is thinning out. You know you need to get moving and do something, but you keep hitting the same walls. The fear of rejection, failure or just making a fool of yourself are stronger than the dire consequences that are looming just around the corner. So you wait and hope something changes... But it rarely does.

Do I paint too gloomy a picture? Sure, it might not be this bad for you. You may be getting some good business from word-of-mouth but you also know things can change. Your best client, a large company, merged with a larger company and you were left out in the cold. Or things simply transitioned – the economy, technology and your clients are constantly in flux and you can't rely on a steady stream of business anymore.

Or perhaps you just started your business recently. You have energy and creativity to burn but it's feeling a little scary. There's so much to do and it's hard to know where to focus your time and energy. And often marketing activities get put on the back burner. You know you'll get clients, but you just don't know quite how.  

So, what must you do?

You must change. You must try new things. You must risk. You must go into action.  

But you don't know how, do you? Every day is pretty much the same as the last. You know you should do some things to get your marketing moving, but the resistance, the stuckness rears its ugly head every single time. Perhaps you give it a half-hearted effort but it goes nowhere. 

And now you find yourself reading this page, finding it all too familiar. 

Is there hope?

Do I have an answer, an approach that will work for you to break through your marketing resistance and stuckness?

Well, as a matter of fact, I do. I've been helping my clients break through their resistance to marketing for years. And years before that I experienced exactly the same kind of resistance and fear. I found it very hard to approach people; I didn't know what to say. I struggled to make a living for the first ten years in my business. I was an expert at avoiding marketing, even as I was helping clients with their marketing (imagine how that feels). 

But one day something shifted. I made a declaration, a choice. I created the vision that I would become the "go-to marketing person" for Independent Professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Somehow I saw that possibility and the commitment to be that person changed everything. My mindset shifted from, "I'll never really succeed at this" to, "I know I can make this happen."

I started taking marketing and my business seriously. I worked longer hours. I did more networking and speaking engagements. I built a mailing list (one entry at a time) of the people I met and started holding events that hundreds of people attended. I lead a twice-monthly networking group and was active in the SF Chamber of Commerce. 

When the Internet started to take off a few years later, I jumped in with both feet and created a website, then a weekly email newsletter, and grew my email list to over 50,000 people, writing hundreds of articles about marketing and selling. I wrote a book on Marketing called the InfoGuru Marketing Manual that was a runaway bestseller and earned me several hundred thousand dollars in online sales.

But something was missing. Despite my dramatic mindset shift that made marketing fun and successful for me, I still wasn't very good at helping my clients have similar mindset shifts. I helped them mostly with all the nuts and bolts of marketing – the things to do and how to do them. And I this coaching and consulting helped a whole lot of people be more successful in their marketing.

But I wanted more for than that. I wanted a breakthrough.  

So I went on a search that took me five years

The search was very simple: My intention was to find a technique or methodology that would help my clients experience mindset shift similar to mine. I read a lot of books on motivational psychology, neuro linguistic programing and personal transformation. I attended workshops that were very powerful but didn't really have techniques that I could adapt to my client's needs. 

I wanted something simple, that didn't take a long time, that anyone could do and that wasn't expensive or took ages to learn or master. Every time I heard of a book or a tape or a person, I checked them out to see what I could learn and how I could use it to help my clients. But no results for a long time. 

And then I found it

It was in a book.* It was a technique, and it was simple. And before I was 1/3 through the book, I knew intuitively that I had found exactly what I was looking for. So, as always, I tried this technique on myself, on something that I was resisting, something I was stuck on. About half an hour later I had that same mindset shift. It wasn't small, but profound. My productivity and effectiveness shot through the roof in the following months. 

And by the next week I was sharing this technique with my clients. They applied it and got similar results. They had that same mindset shift that enabled them to see a bigger possibility for themselves. They took more positive action towards their goals; they persisted and kept going until they achieved marketing and business results way beyond what they thought was possible.

Over the years I tweaked and modified this process somewhat until it worked even better for Independent Professionals who were resisting their marketing. In just a few sessions they had the same kind of mindset shifts that enabled them to take things to a whole new level. 

And in 2014 I wrote a book on this process I called "The Unstuck Process."

So how does it work?

The first part of the process is about becoming aware of your limiting beliefs. Many don't think they have limiting beliefs. But when you look at your behavior, your resistance and stuckness you'll soon discover that limiting beliefs dominate your life. If you believe marketing leads to rejection, it does. If you believe marketing is beneath you, it is. If you believe marketing won't work, it won't. 

The second part of the process is focused on poking holes in your beliefs. If you believed you were poor but suddenly discovered you had a hidden bank account with a million dollars in it, your belief would shift pretty quickly. If you believed that marketing was difficult and painful, and you discovered that wasn't true at all, you might discover that marketing could be fun and interesting.

The third part of this process is about discovering possibilities beyond your limiting beliefs.  If you could no longer believe that belief was true (in fact if you proved it was absolutely false) then possibilities would open up for you, wouldn't they? Things that were impossible before would be relatively easy. Areas that seemed unpleasant might now feel pleasant. 

What can you expect from the course?

It's about teaching you in the ins and out of this process. It's about discovering your limiting beliefs and shifting them from limited to unlimited. It's about getting past patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that have held you back for years, perhaps decades. 

Why is it six sessions long? Isn't it simple? Yes it's simple, but our resistances, our conditioning, our stuckness is firmly set in place. It doesn't always let go as fast as we'd like. So we explore our resistance and stuckness very deeply. We don't just get to beliefs, but to Core Beliefs, that control all our limiting thoughts and behaviors. 

In each course session we spend a lot of time simply practicing the process with the participants. We don't do theory, we do hands-on. We write down our resistance and stuckness patterns and look at them very closely. We bring awareness to that which was hidden into the light.

And we discover that underneath those beliefs is a magnificent, capable, powerful person.  This process is not about pumping you up. It's not about motivation. It's not even about change. It's about transformation, revealing the Real You underneath all those false things you say about yourself. 

And that Real You is capable of anything, even marketing yourself. And when you get that, the mindset shift you were looking for happens. Your resistance and stuckness starts to melt away and you find yourself engaging in marketing activities with a new energy and excitement.  

Some Participant Comments

Here are some comments from people who took the course.

Everyone gets stuck, and I approached this class with the hope that I could get myself moving, get some tools that I could use when I struggle to complete a task.  Well, the class was much more than that.  The process of finding the belief that produces the “stuckness,” if you will, is the real take-away. It turns out that out that my belief – which is NOT truth – is like a railroad crossing gate that remains closed long after the train has gone. And when I did the exercises, I wanted to get across the tracks (to keep this metaphor going).  I’ll end by just saying that once I saw the lie of the belief, I had a lot of new energy and I really wanted to keep working at the thing that I was stuck about in the first place. - Alan Siege


What I liked about the Beyond Stuckness course with Robert Middleton was its simple iterative structure, which gave me lots of ways to learn, experiment, improve, and try again.  These included his book, Robert's comments, his personal coaching to participants, and the paired breakout sessions with other participants. 

And I got great results!  I had breakthroughs in both business and personal areas of my life.  I am now looking forward to continuing to apply the concepts and techniques to deepen and extend my understanding of how my limiting beliefs are not me, but can hold me back. - Shelley Sweet


I care a lot about my business and my success, I'm smart and super motivated and still I was stuck. I couldn't change what I couldn't see. Robert's Getting Unstuck program lifted the veil on the "mystery" that was causing me to waste time, work on the wrong things, not follow up on calls and on and on. Now when I am stuck it takes me less than 5 minutes to identify the sneaky culprit, get unstuck and into productive action. I highly recommend this program! - Anne-Marie Clear


I wish I had this course a year ago! What could 2014 have been like then?! In these 6 sessions I picked up the tools, insights and practice that make those nagging avoidances manageable. I’m getting more stuff done… and on time! - E.K.


Thank you sooooooooo much for developing this program. I earned breakthroughs I've wanted but didn't quite know how to create. And it didn't even hurt. It's a little like speed therapy without tears.

After our first brief, two sessions with The Unstuck Process, my wife and I spent the next 5 hours working the process deeply, and experienced breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. This Beyond Stuckness Program was amazing. I now use it with some of my clients. It's not uncommon for me to continue hearing from my clients for days afterwards with new awarenesses and new opportunities showing up in their lives.  - Steve Kohlenberger


I’ve been following Robert for at least 10 years and, like everything else he offers, this program did not disappoint. It was incredibly helpful for me even though I was unable to attend two of the sessions live.

Just moved to South America in the past year and have been attempting to transform my business (and myself) from a person-to-person business to a virtual one. Just couldn’t seem to get off the dime. After just a couple of sessions, doing the exercises, and finally reading the book, I’m off and running… doing what I should have been doing all along. I discovered that it’s not about more prep work or more offerings. It’s about getting off your ass and just doing it. My biggest takeaway from the course included really forcing myself to think about why I don't get stuff done.  Thank you Robert! - Oliver Connolly


I've gone from having "reasons why" I don't get stuff done to realizing there are underlying limiting beliefs for my lack of action. Related, I also came to the realization toward the end of the course that I spend too much time over-analyzing things I could do and not enough time just doing. A bit of a fear of failure. But I am much more aware now of the costs of spending too much time on too many decisions. The cumulative time wasted by over-thinking things is staggering. Having a structured 12-step Unstuck Process worksheet to work through when issues develop is sweet! - Brian Anderson


The Beyond Stuckness Program made a significant impact on me – professionally and personally. In exploring and questioning the core beliefs behind why I was procrastinating, I realized that none of these beliefs were valid.  I had just become lazy.  I chose to just do things which were easy or that I liked to do or that had little immediate consequence. 

I went through everything I was doing and more importantly, not doing and created an action plan.  First thing was to clean out/de-junk my office and apply a number of time management practices to both my personal and professional ‘lists’.  I have recognized that I physically do not accomplish as much in a day as I did 40 years ago so have managed my own expectations.  I have outsourced tasks that I truly don’t like to do and have started displacing one line of business (that I am not happy doing) with another that I do have passion for. The progress has been refreshing and rewarding.

My wife of 41 years and I have had some fun with this as well, particularly as it applies to the home projects and personal lists.  I’ve made her my accountability coach and gotten her more involved.  The downside to all of this is that I am now golfing less.  My goal of a single digit handicap may be in jeopardy!   

I liked your style of delivery and appreciated having the recordings to listen to.  I used that feature a few times.  The book was helpful and an easy read. It was a pleasure, Robert.  Regards - George Barnhart


Robert’s course, Beyond Stuckness, was a real eye opening and freeing experience.  I started the class because I was stuck in marketing my private practice. I ended up not only writing a marketing letter but making great strides in my personal life where I also was stuck.

Robert’s teleconference format was easy to access and being interactive, as little or as much as I wished to be, was important to me.  This program was informative, interactive and inspiring.  Thanks Robert for being who you are! - Elizabeth Hides


The unstuckness course has created such a shift in my approach to tasks and more particularly larger projects that up until the course I felt overwhelmed and depressed by.  Even though I have been an avid fan of Byron Katie’s work and went to her 10 day school, I had never applied it to business. Your use of the concept of The Work, and the skillful presentation of this as it applies to getting through my marketing blocks has opened up whole new possibilities for me.  Where I was at a complete standstill with my efforts to get through the wealth of information in the Action Marketing Club, I am now slowly working through the Website Tool Kit – and enjoying it! 

Even more, I have applied this process to other areas of my work such as struggling to get a highly technical white paper out to a client.  My goodness, the insights to all the blocking beliefs on that one! 

What was most helpful to me in even realizing that I had a stuck belief was noticing my avoidance behaviors and feelings.  I am now less analytical, less linear and perfectionistic in my approach. I make better reality checks, am better able to just take action, any action that moves me in the direction I really desire.  I am more aware of when the stuckness is because I need to take a break, a real break.  - Caroline Bell

Interactive Learning

Action is more important than information. There's a lot of information in this program, but more importantly, we get you into action by practicing the process during the teleconference calls. We have interactive sessions to practice with each other and assignments to help you integrate these ideas immediately in your life. By the time you complete this program, many areas of stuckness will have measurably decreased or be eliminated.

This won't just give you more information and tools, but will lead to deep insights and realizations that will last a lifetime. 

Imagine if following-up, speaking in public, writing articles and selling were no longer big issues for you! When your limiting beliefs let go of you, you'll be amazed at what's now possible. 

Is this Program for You?

It's for you if you're tired of being stuck in resistance to marketing and if that stuckness is costing you dearly in your business, your marketing and your life. If you are ready to go beyond that resistance into more productivity and less struggle, more moving forward and less resistance, more fun and less anguish, then this program was made for you. 

Details About the Break Through Your Marketing Resistance Course

The course is held by teleconference over 6 live sessions one week apart. This way you have time to assimilate your insights over a period of six weeks. As as result, you'll have time to gradually integrate the Unstuck Process into your life.

Each of the teleconference sessions is 120 minutes long. They are held on Tuesday Afternoons at 12 noon to 2 pm Pacific time starting on November 10. All the sessions will be recorded if you miss a session. 

Details about the upcoming Program

November 10, 17, 24 December 1, 8, 15

Time is from 12 noon Pacific to 2 pm Pacific. (1 Mntn, 2, Cntrl, 3 Estrn, 8 pm UK.)

Tuition - Earlybird (from now until August 30): $325

$325 - Click here to pay now

Tuition - Regular (from September 1 to October 15): $450

Tuition - Late (from October 16 to November 10): $575

I feel that this program is priceless. When you break through your resistance to marketing it can transform your business, increase your income, make your business more fun and fulfilling. How can you put a price on that? 

I look forward to working with you in the program!

Cheers, Robert Middleton


* The book was "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie.