You are invited to an Introductory TeleClass on "Beyond Stuckness" - March 12, 12 noon

Thursday, March 12, 12 noon Pacific

Starting on April 9 I'll be holding my second 6-session teleconference program, "Beyond Stuckness." This in-depth program will give you the tools and skills to help both you and your clients get beyond stuckness in every area of business and life. 

This free intro teleclass will give you a taste of the program:

Everyone gets stuck. It shows up in the things we avoid, the projects that don't get completed, the dreams that never get started. Stuckness is to humans much the same as water is to fish. We don't see it directly. But we can see the symptoms of it and the costs of stuckness. When you really see it, you'll want to do whatever possible to go beyond it. 

But what does it mean to get "Beyond Stuckenss?" Well, it's not actually a mindset or state of mind or attitude or ability. The best words might be "awareness without judgment." Think what possibilities might open up in your life if you could get unstuck in only minutes (instead, of hours, days or weeks).

In this teleclass we'll talk about how you can move from stuckness to beyond stuckness. It's really quite easy. The only thing stopping you is the belief that it's not possible. That might be the final stuckness. So please come with both an open mind and honesty about your own stuckness. 

What we'll explore in this teleclass

How stuckness shows up in our lives

The hidden beliefs that trigger stuckness

The high cost of stuckness

What we get out of being stuck 

How to go beyond stuckness 

What we'll cover in the Beyond Stuckness Program in June

Please note that this is not a "high-pressure call." That is, you won't be manipulated into signing up for the program at the end of the call. If you see value, you are welcome to join.

Some comments from the first program:

I care a lot about my business and my success, I'm smart and super motivated and still I was stuck. I couldn't change what I couldn't see. Robert's Getting Unstuck program lifted the veil on the "mystery" that was causing me to waste time, work on the wrong things, not follow up on calls and on and on. Now when I am stuck it takes me less than 5 minutes to identify the sneaky culprit, get unstuck and into productive action. I highly recommend this program! - Anne-Marie Clear


Thank you sooooooooo much for developing this program. I earned breakthroughs I've wanted but didn't quite know how to create. And it didn't even hurt. It's a little like speed therapy without tears.

After our first brief, two sessions with The Unstuck Process, my wife and I spent the next 5 hours working the process deeply, and experienced breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. This Beyond Stuckness Program was amazing. I now use it with some of my clients. It's not uncommon for me to continue hearing from my clients for days afterwards with new awarenesses and new opportunities showing up in their lives.  - Steve Kohlenberger


I’ve been following Robert for at least 10 years and, like everything else he offers, this program did not disappoint. It was incredibly helpful for me even though I was unable to attend two of the sessions live.

Just moved to South America in the past year and have been attempting to transform my business (and myself) from a person-to-person business to a virtual one. Just couldn’t seem to get off the dime. After just a couple of sessions, doing the exercises, and finally reading the book, I’m off and running… doing what I should have been doing all along. I discovered that it’s not about more prep work or more offerings. It’s about getting off your ass and just doing it. My biggest takeaway from the course included really forcing myself to think about why I don't get stuff done.  Thank you Robert! - Oliver Connolly


Robert’s course, Beyond Stuckness, was a real eye opening and freeing experience.  I started the class because I was stuck in marketing my private practice. I ended up not only writing a marketing letter but making great strides in my personal life where I also was stuck.

Robert’s teleconference format was easy to access and being interactive, as little or as much as I wished to be, was important to me.  This program was informative, interactive and inspiring.  Thanks Robert for being who you are! - Elizabeth Hides

Date and Time

Thursday, March 12

12 noon Pacific (1 Mnt, 2 Cntrl, 3 Estrn, 8 UK)

90 minutes long with presentation and Q&A

By teleconference. Once you reserve your space, you'll receive the teleconference number. 

This teleclass will be recorded if you cannot attend it live. 

I look forward to meeting you on the teleclass!

Robert Middleton


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What's the difference between a stuck business person and an unstuck business person? The stuck person is working hard to get to success someday. The unstuck person is "living success" every day of their life.