What About Hidden Stuckness?

Stuckness is stuckness, right? You find yourself not moving forward with something or feeling bogged down by some complex issue or situation. And then, before you know it, you're lost in avoidance behavior that doesn't feel so good, but you can't seem to stop.  

Many times this is acute stuckness.

Acute stuckness is like a sharp pain in the back. You really notice it. The cost of this stuckness is immediate and obvious. "Oops, I haven't filled out my taxes yet and the deadline is in two days!" You've been putting it off for a few weeks, but now you wake up and take action. Problem solved. 

But then there's also hidden or chronic stuckness. 

Sometimes this stuckness goes on for a long time and then sort of fades into the back of your mind where you push the thoughts away, justify your stuckness, and in many cases deny that you're stuck in the first place.

The cost of this chronic stuckness increases every day. 

I worked with a client a few years ago who was making a very good income. And he was living a very abundant lifestyle. The thing is, he hadn't saved a dime for his retirement. He was waiting until he made a million dollars or more a year before he started to save some money. 

And that's a great example or chronic stuckness. He was intelligent and had access to information about long-term investments, but he took no action. Instead, he justified his behavior with a very unrealistic plan of action. I hope it works out for him, but I wouldn't bet on it. 

Of course, I see the same kind of hidden or chronic stuckness with my marketing clients. They've buried their heads in the sand and made up all kinds of reasons and justifications to avoid getting serious about their marketing. They know they are in trouble with their business, but their only strategy is hope that things will change or improve on their own. 

So how do you know you have hidden or chronic stuckness vs. acute stuckness? Here are a few warning signs:

1. It's something that starts small but builds up over time. 

2. You always have a ready excuse or justification for avoidance. 

3. You refuse to even look at this stuckness because you "know you'll handle it later."

4. The costs start to mount up until the consequences are significant. 

5. You have feelings of fear, dread and uneasiness, but you block those feelings. 

So how do you get off the hidden or chronic stuckness treadmill? I recommend writing down a list of a few things you are avoiding that you are more aware of. You don't have to start with the biggest, most debilitating stuckness. Just zero in one, no matter what it is. 

Next, pull out an Unstuck Process Worksheet and fill it out one step at a time. 

You might start to feel an immediate release or sense of relief now that you are finally addressing this. Awareness generates more positive, expansive energy. Now keep going until you've gone through all the questions to the very end. 

By the end of doing the process, you may feel clearer and less constricted, limited or fearful. And often this clarity spills over to release other areas of stuckness. 

And then take immediate action to move things forward.

That might be cleaning up your office (a very common chronic stuckness), sorting out your bills, communicating with your relatives or starting to put your marketing plan together. In this "state of unstuckness" you'll find that taking these actions is so much easier.

What you might discover is that chronic stuckness is much more common than acute stuckness. That is, you may discover many things you are avoiding and not addressing; it's rarely more than one thing. That's the bad news. The good news is that now you have a proven process to move things forward.

Good luck and remember that you can only address your stuckness one step at a time!