Tapping into Your Creativity

Are you creative? 

Thinking we're not creative is a very debilitating kind of stuckness. And if you're an Independent Professional or business owner, the belief that we're not creative can stop us cold. 

We need to tap into our creativity to write articles, develop marketing strategies and communicate effectively with clients. 

But this can be a real issue if we don't think we're creative. 

If you go on Google and put in the search term, "How to develop creativity" you'll find dozens of articles. And some of them will offer some useful tips and strategies, but almost all of these articles miss the point completely. Here's why:

We are already creative. We are made of creativity. We are creativity. In fact there is nothing you can do to make yourself more creative. 

Let me give you a metaphor 

One day in an antique shop you find an apple made out of some kind of heavy metal. But the metal is very dirty and grimy so you don't know the metal underneath. So you buy the apple  decide to gild the metal with gold. And now you have a golden apple. 

This is how we try to be creative. We don't think we're creative, so we try to add creative techniques and strategies to ourselves. 

But what if you showed your gilded apple to someone who knew a lot about metal objects and he told you that the apple was actually solid gold. You didn't have to gild the apple, as it was already gold.

So, with your friend's help you removed the gilding and then went on to clean off all the dirt and grime. Before long, you had a solid gold apple, a priceless apple, in fact. 

Now imagine that creativity is exactly like that. What if you were made up of solid creativity? But why doesn't seem that way? Well, it's because of all the dirt and grim that is covering up that inherent creativity. That dirt and grime are limiting, constrictive, fearful beliefs. 

There are all kind of things that seem to limit creativity, but he common denominator is that we get messages from parents and education that there is only one answer, that some people are more creative than others, that creativity is not important, etc. 

Most first graders believe they are very creative. But by the fifth grade the majority of children think they are not creative. Creativity has been educated out of us. Still, underneath all the dirt and grime in the form of limiting beliefs, creativity is still there ready to be accessed. 

So, to express your innate creativity, you don't need to add something to yourself, you need to learn how to let go of those limiting beliefs. 

And the unstuck process is a great way to do that. 

For instance, you might struggle with writing articles and think it's because you're not creative. So let's go through all the questions in the process and see what we discover.

Where are you stuck? I have trouble writing articles for my business. 

How does that feel? It feel very frustrating. I feel stuck every time I think of writing an article. 

What is your behavior when you feel stuck about writing articles? Well, when I'm faced with blank screen, I just want to go and do something else, and Often I do. Then I think I'm just not good at this. And I also am worried about writing a bad article and being criticized. It just seems impossible to me so I avoid it. 

What is the belief underneath that feeling and behavior? I believe I'm not a good writer and that I'm not creative.  

Is that true? Do you absolutely know it's true? Well it seems like it; those feelings are so strong. But I can't say it's absolutely true. Sometimes I get inspired and writing is easy. This times, for some reason I don't get stuck in that belief and avoidance behavior. 

Are the beliefs that you're not a good writer and that you're not creative working for you? Absolutely not. I wish I didn't believe that, but again, it seems so true.   

What is the cost of having those beliefs? The cost is huge. Because I struggle with writing articles so much, I can't seem to get in the groove of writing a blog or eZine. I don't get the word out about my business and that impacts my success. 

What is the payoff of believing those beliefs? You mean, what am I getting out of believing I can't write and am not creative? Well, I'd never thought of that. Those thoughts and beliefs come very naturally; they feel very familiar, perhaps comfortable. Also, if I jumped into writing it would be scary, it would be risky. I might make a fool of myself so I don't want to go there. 

Are those payoffs real and are they worth it? Are they real? What do you mean?

Are those terrible things really going to happen if you start writing more consistently? Will you really make a fool of yourself or are the thoughts worse than the reality? I get it. Well, the thoughts are probably worse. I go through agony. But when I actually write an article I almost always get positive feedback. So yes, those beliefs are largely imaginary. And no, those payoffs are not worth it. The costs of not writing are much more real. 

Who would you be if you no longer believed those beliefs? Well, I'd be a lot more confident, less afraid. I wouldn't believe writing was so hard. I'd feel more relaxed.

What possibilities might open up to you if were no longer attached to those beliefs? Well, I'd start writing more. I'd start that eZine I've want to start for years, and I'd blog more. I'd come up with a lot more ideas. 

Would it be OK with you to just be who you are, without those beliefs? Yes, it would. Those beliefs feel like an albatross around my neck. If I wasn't attached to them, Id feel a lot more relaxed and creative. That feels much better.

OK, now with that insight, what will you do next? I'll start writing more. I see that the only thing stopping me is my thinking and those thoughts aren't really helping me. 

What people report when they do this process on creativity or any other area where they're stuck, they often realize that their thoughts and limiting beliefs are mostly imaginary and as a result they start to feel more creative, energized and productive. 

Take Action

Identify an area where you are stuck in some area of self-expression such as creativity and do the complete Unstuck Process and see what you discover.