Don't Be A Scrooge

I love Scrooge, the movie or play of Charles Dickens's book, A Christmas Carol. Every time I've seen it (and I've seen it in many different versions) I cry when Scrooge has his on Christmas morning.

In 1843, Dickens wrote this "book for the ages" to immense popular acceptance. It hans't gone out of print since. And of course it's spawned innumerable stage presentations, about a dozen movies, and even more radio productions.

Only books that touch soothing deeply inside of us have that kind of longevity. 

What About Hidden Stuckness?

Stuckness is stuckness, right? You find yourself not moving forward with something or feeling bogged down by some complex issue or situation. And then you find yourself lost in avoidance behavior that doesn't feel so good, but you can't seem to stop.  

Many times this is acute stuckness.

Acute stuckness is like a sharp pain in the back. You really notice it. The cost of this stuckness is immediate and obvious. "Oops, I haven't paid my taxes yet and the deadline is in two days!" You've been putting it off for a few weeks, but now you wake up and take action. Problem solved. 

But then there's also hidden or chronic stuckness. 

I Get Stuck Too

What I found myself doing this past week was worrying. I'd go over and over things that I had to do. I didn't sleep well and woke up feeling exhausted. Most of my routine things got done, but I got stuck with writing and planing, and I had a lot to do. 

I made two attempts at writing this article yesterday and they both led to dead-ends, mixed-up ideas and lame concepts. 

Wow, was this the end of my run of unstuckness I've experienced for more than four months? What was going on anyway?

Tapping into Your Creativity

Are you creative? 

Thinking we're not creative is a very debilitating kind of stuckness. And if you're an Independent Professional or business owner, the belief that we're not creative can stop us cold. 

We need to tap into our creativity to write articles, develop marketing strategies and communicate effectively with clients. 

But this can be a real issue if we don't think we're creative. 

Getting Past Self-Sabotage

When we look closely at your stuckness and avoidance behavior, much of it is self-sabotage. We are literally undermining ourselves and stopping ourselves from doing the things we want to do and getting the things we want to get. 

I asked independent professionals on a business forum how they tended to sabotage themselves.  This is what they said:

My favorite way is to procrastinate a good chunk of the day, and then near the end of the day I alternate by beating myself up for procrastinating or telling myself I'll start fresh "tomorrow" or "Monday" (and while yes, I do sometimes start fresh, also many times I repeat the cycle). And all the while I'm doing this I'm aware of the cycle (sigh).

How to Make Your Marketing Flow

Making your marketing flow is something most Independent Professionals would welcome. We’d all like our marketing to result in a flow of new clients. But exactly what would that marketing flow look like?

You’d have no resistance to marketing, no fears, no avoidance, no stuckness. You’d come up with creative ideas and plans and you’d find ways to implement them without a lot of struggle or effort.